Making progress on my symphony this week. Im halfway thru orchestrating the second movement.

This constant state of aggravation has kind of frozen me. I can’t get any music written. I’ve not been helpful around the house. I can’t even focus to read a new book I purchased yesterday.

For my own sanity and anxiety levels I usually limit my exposure of the news. I do understand the ability to do so is a form of privilege. The latest shooting has rattled me hard. I’m in a constant state of aggravation.

I think if people do not act while the momentum of this occasion is still strong then nothing will happen. Apathy will win and the NRA will continue to terrorize us.

I feel helpless because there is so little I can do from my little apartment that would have any impact on changing gun laws.

I figured I’d yell into the Mastodon void for a while since I’m aggravated by twitter. I’m disabled and mostly homebound. I can’t physically protest. People need to pool our collective anger/sadness over gun violence and protest. I’m worried apathy will win again.

Cleaning and listening to Adia Victoria. I love her music.

Gonna compose today then this evening I host New Music Happy Hour. Should be a good day.

The family and I are spending our day cleaning our apartment and cooking good food. And maybe watching some premiere league soccer.

Shameless self promotion:

Take several minutes and listen to my percussion piece, “May The Bridges I Burn Light My Way”. I’m very proud of this piece and of this performance.

Space Pirates 🏴‍☠️

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