the singular of hair is hair, ok fine. but what’s the singular of fur? as in, “i woke up this morning with one of my dog’s ___ up my nose?!?!”

we follow an eight season calendar in our house; four two-month seasons and four one-month seasons. memorial day is the first day of launch season, so: happy launch to everyone!

i spent today giving tours of camp to some new camp families today. so delightful and thrilling to see the eagerness and excitement in the eyes of these new campers. they are *ready* and so am i!

anyone looking for a fun summer job? i teach at a really excellent arts summer camp and we need:

- costume designers/wardrobers
- sound designers/technicians
- scenic carpenters
- violin, cello, orchestral reeds, sax, piano, and bass teachers
- recording studio producer/mixer/engineers

june 23 to august 22, meals provided, residence required, pay starts at $2000 for folks with zero credentials and goes up from there. hit me up for more details!

rocket was outside and suddenly started barking like mad. i came out to find him quite literally at the end of his rope, frantically trying to get under the vw. and when i looked under there…

a new mastodon home for me,! nice to have an account on a domain name you can really stand behind.

Space Pirates 🏴‍☠️

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